Derek is getting all the indulgence he is willing to accept (and allow Clif to document on his cameras) great cities to explore, exotic foods, beverages and of course girls, well one girl in particular named Audrey. It is from Audrey whom Derek receives more than he bargained for and the ensuing chaos of physical, emotional and psychological turmoil results in an unlikely hero in Derek.

Afflicted is an extremely astonishing feat reached by Derek Lee and Clif Prowse who both direct and star in the independent thriller. The film opens with lighthearted music and a positive vibe which could only lead to one thing: something bad is around the corner.

The video diary style of Afflicted adds a sense of realism and is easy to relate to for anyone who has been or is living through the wide-eyed young adult years of finding where you belong in the world. With the addition of Derek’s fictional self-suffering from a brain tumor the movie is poised for any tear-jerker moments, however, there is a much darker tone taken shortly after the film kicks off and the guys start off on their world adventure. Overall, a solid film which is visually stunning for these remarkably talented new writers and directors. Despite some predictability, there is a depth of storytelling that you find yourself drawn to enough to overlook any shortcomings.