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Australian filmmaker Warwick Thornton put out a call for ghost stories, and ghost stories he got. The Darkside weaves together a moving collection of stories about the afterlife and the unknown.

Anyone interested in myth and legend will really enjoy The Darkside. Some tales are haunting, while others are touching. There is a great balance between the two. The stories are expertly told by Australian actors, but you’d never know that they’re actors. With interesting settings and lovely shot composition, The Darkside is just as good as sitting around a campfire swapping spooky stories. It certainly feels as intimate.

The Darkside is compelling because it showcases a very spiritual culture, with a focus on Australia’s indigenous people. These stories are so deeply rooted in belief that even the logical side of me had a hard time questioning them. While there may be explanations based in reality behind each story, The Darkside doesn’t explore possible explanations and it doesn’t need to. The film has faith in its storytellers which makes it all the more powerful.