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112 Weddings asks what happens after ‘happily ever after’. Filmmaker and on-the-side wedding videographer Doug Block, tracks down a handful of couples he filmed years ago on their wedding days. He interviews them, getting to the heart of commitment and love.

This is a documentary for hopeless romantics and cynics alike. I fall somewhere in the middle, and I adored 112 Weddings. Some of the couples are divorced, and some are still together, but there is something pertinent to take away from each story. At the end of the day, marriage isn’t easy for anyone, but it might just be worth fighting for. Footage from the actual weddings is intertwined with the current day interviews, adding a further emotional resonance. 112 Weddings is about more than marriage – it’s about hopes and dreams and what happens when reality and life set in.

112 Weddings is quirky, entertaining, and heartwarming – all the things I love in a documentary. It’s a story about everyday people, inspired by a question we’ve all wondered about. It’s nice to know that the answer is, for the most part, less bleak than we may have expected.