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Seven mature New York women express their age, distinction, and confidence through style. In fact, they put a whole new spin on the term “fashionista”. Advanced Style is a glossy look at some of the Big Apple’s most eclectic, colourful, and interesting women who have embraced fashion for decades, all of them refusing to become stereotypically old in any way, shape or form.

Advanced Style will no doubt entertain a crowd with its fashionably eccentric subjects; however there is something that rings fabricated about this glossy looking advertisement, courtesy of photographer/producer Ari Seth Cohen’s blog-turned-documentary. Firstly, he spends way too much time setting up his elder muses, all mugging for the camera so overwhelmingly, especially Lynn Dell boutique owner. And these glamorous, mature women say the darndest things! But filmmaker Lina Plioplyte doesn’t quite focus the narrative, allowing the editors to blatantly snip between interviews, some being more insightful than others. One such is visual art teacher Ilona Royce Smithkin, 93, who’s at peace with her own mortality. Unfortunately these reflective moments are dashed when Ari takes his silver-haired harem, all decked out in designer clothes, on The Rikki Lake Show, parading them like a pimp would his prostitutes. This piece feels more like it’s exploiting, rather than celebrating, the young at heart.