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Known as the “Last of the Red Hot Mamas”, Sophie Tucker, and her smoky voice, worked through vaudeville, the first talking motion pictures, and eventually television. She inspired stars like Better Midler, and Judy Garland, and may be one of the most important names in jazz and blues, that you’ve never heard of. Born in an Orthodox Jewish family, Sophie wasn’t what you would expect for a star. She wasn’t exactly beautiful, but her voice, attitude, and humour, were enough to pack the house. The Outrageous Sophie Tucker looks at Sophie’s early years, when she was finally able to become a star.

Many careers were forced to come to an end with the advancement of new technology. Not every entertainer could transition from vaudeville to motion pictures, especially as sound was introduced, but Sophie Tucker managed to increase her fans through the years. Through archival footage, including many interviews with Tucker, fans are treated to her amazing voice, as well as an insight into Tucker’s impressive business savvy.

In our world of social media, it’s unthinkable that a celebrity isn’t in the public eye at all times. Although it would be decades before a star could tweet their every movement, Tucker was constantly promoting herself. The stories of her selling books, advertising her own shows on the street, and making sure that she remained in contact with every person she met, is stunning. Her talent is immeasurable, but it’s her knack for marketing herself that truly stands out.