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An elderly Shomer watches over the bodies of the dead, guarding their souls before burial, but is faced with his own past when he watches over a recently deceased elderly woman. A mark on her hand reminds the man of a time during World War II, when he was hiding in a barn. Inside, the man meets a young woman, also hiding. Initially distrustful of each other, the two start to reveal more about themselves, which leads to them form a strong bond. Constantly in fear of being captured, they slowly begin to fall in love, but their happiness is challenged when a stranger discovers them.

This incredibly moving story may be a bit predictable, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful. Beginning at the end of the story, the film reversesĀ in time to follow Jacob (Grisha Pasternak) as he runs through a forest, blood dripping from an injured arm, before he eventually collapses in a barn. Hiding inside is Leah (Milda Gecaite), a young woman who has been in the barn for quite some time.

Both Pasternak and Gecaite, are outstanding in their roles. Their initial reactions to each other, showing concern that the other may be looking for them, and not hiding out themselves, is something that is carried through much of the film. This makes their growing relationship that much sweeter, as they slowly learn to trust each other. They’re also forced to convey much of their emotions non-verbally, especially as they’re hiding, and we’re treated to some beautiful moments.