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Nature photographer Cory (Lucy Walters) reluctantly agrees to join her dysfunctional family for a vacation at Cape Cod after the death of her older sister. As she struggles to connect with her younger sister Jane (Michelle Petterson) whom she used to torment, she comes to terms with loss through the help of new and old friends.

Lies I Told My Little Sister features Walters in her first lead role in a feature film, and she is a pleasure to watch. Her performance is as magnetic as her character is complex. In fact, most of the main characters in the film have a certain level of complexity rather than being stock caricatures.

Regardless of whether you have experienced the loss of a close family member, it’s very easy to sympathize with the characters in the film. The story has moments of humour, but it also leaves an emotional impact on the viewer. Lies I Told My Little Sister doesn’t try to make hugely innovative leaps, but instead it deals with real problems in a real way, and this makes it very emotionally effective.