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After creating his latest solo album, Ron Hawkins found that the band he hired for a few live shows was so good, that it seemed natural to record as a band again. A simple album would be too easy though, so Ron Hawkins & the Do Good Assassins decided to put together a double album. In an age where singles rule the charts of downloadable music, it seems like a strange first step — but their passion for creating music drives them to do what nobody wants to do any longer.

While Ron Hawkins may best be remembered for his work in Lowest of the Low, Luck’s Hard – Ron Hawkins & the Do Good Assassins shows everybody that very little has changed for Hawkins. The years have given him, and his bandmates, a slightly different perspective, and Hawkins doesn’t work within the confines of a record label any longer, but you can still hear everything that has made Ron one of the best Canadian artists around.

The documentary doesn’t follow the creation of their record as much as it does the creation of their band, which makes for an interesting piece. Kind words are shared back and forth, and listening to their stories is fascinating. It also gives viewers a look at how music has changed dramatically over the years, becoming a world where dreams of being a rock star are replaced with dreams of being able to support yourself.