Chase has recently lost the love of his life, Scarlet. He attempts to overcome this tragedy while working his day job editing porn. One day he meets a mysterious girl, bonds with her, and begins spending more time with her. Eventually he finds out that she is a call girl known as “Sexy Chef.” Chasing Valentine is a romantic drama which will revolve around the uncovering of some dark secrets after these two characters meet one another.

Director Navin Ramaswaran notes the ways in which the genre of romance-drama has evolved over the years. He particularly admires grittier, more realistic independent films such as Blue Valentine and Like Crazy. Staying in line with the honest and down-to-earth nature of the relationships depicted in these films, Ramaswaran hopes to bring the same touch to Chasing Valentine.

As explained in the crowdfunding pitch, this film deals with universal issues that will resonate with viewers, regardless of geographical and cultural backgrounds. Chasing Valentine will be a character-driven story involving multiple complex characters, emotional layers, and revelations of dark secrets. As actress Gwenlyn Cumyn explains, for example, the film will involve a deconstruction of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope through these layers.

Ramaswaran has experience in independent filmmaking and is capable of making the most out of a tight budget. Primarily, the funds raised through this campaign will go towards fees for the cast and crew, hard costs (including transportation, hard drives, catering, rental equipment, and so on), and various additional fees. A more detailed outline is available on the project’s Indiegogo page.

The prologue to Chasing Valentine is a short film called Seek, which was shot in 2012. The short features much of the same cast and crew as Chasing Valentine and also serves as a pitch for the movie itself.

This film’s website has a blog which you can follow for regular updates about funding, preparation, and other details. Furthermore, you can find updates on various social media, including Twitter, YouTube (where Ramaswaran posts video diaries), and Facebook.

So, if you would like to support Chasing Valentine, you can check out the Indiegogo page here. Donations are being accepted until August 14, 2014.