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After a philosophy professor (Loïc Corbery) is transferred from Paris to small town Arras, he begins a relationship with a peppy hair dresser (Émilie Dequenne). Even though they have nothing in common, their love for each other is passionate.

Your basic story of “opposites attract”, Not My Type is perfectly fine at the surface, showcasing new found love in a relatable and real way. Often a problem with films dealing with romance, there is nothing overly romantic about the film as a whole. Sure, it feels relatable at times as they chat about Jennifer Aniston or take each other out to meet friends for the first time, but it’s missing that one thing that makes it different than the others.

Watching these two people who are seemingly incredibly different fall in love is mildly enjoyable, but when they break out of their respective shells to share the other’s interests is where the film shines. Everyone steps out of their comfort zone and makes sacrifices when falling in love, and the film does a good job at displaying this fact. Even its unsatisfying and confusing finale almost feels like an honest way to wrap the story up.

With great performances, a decent love story and sound filmmaking, Not My Type still feels like it’s missing something even though it’s difficult to put your finger on exactly what.