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Madj (Alison Hinds) and Jon (George Gill) are a married couple facing numerous problems. As a storm swells overhead, the couple come across Desiree (Saran Lashley), a hitchhiker looking for a ride. They bring her along, but their truck gets a flat tire, stranding them in the woods. As they try to repair the truck, deep secrets are revealed, and the couple find that Desiree may not be the innocent hitchhiker they thought she was.

Two Smart begins rather slowly, showing all three characters already stranded in the van. We’re not sure how they got there, or even what the problem may be, but we are witness to the first secret of the film, and that’s how Jon seems to be quite the cheating man.

As more is revealed, the problems of the film start to surface. The backstabbing reaches ridiculous levels, with so many confusing stories going on that it’s almost impossible to keep up with. Although there’s only three characters in the film, they’re each plotting against the other two separately, creating six different ideas that attempt to come together towards the end. It’s the kind of thing that you would find in a soap opera, and is too outrageous to work. It’s unfortunate actually, because at the heart of the film is a strong story about family and parenting.