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Towards the end of A Life in the Death of Joe Meek, Jimmy Page says “If you don’t change something, nothing changes.” and that is a fantastic way to describe the life of Joe Meek. From a young age, Meek showed an intense interest in sound, and how it was created. He would build this fascination into a very important career producing records, and changing the way that people created music. His methods seemed a little crazy, and many people say the same thing about Meek as well, but there’s no doubt he altered the way that artists made music. This documentary is a fascinating look at the life and work of Joe Meek, and the sad circumstances surrounding his death.

It’s always interesting to hear about a musician or producer that heavily influenced many of the artists that we listen to, but few stories may be as compelling as that of Joe Meek. A rule breaker from the first moment, Meek worked with some huge names in the music business, and managed to create a signature sound that nobody believed would work. Some artists didn’t even like what Meek had done for them, until they realized just how popular these records wound up being.

A Life in the Death of Joe Meek turns a bit creepy, as we begin to learn about Meek’s interest in the paranormal, and his descent into drugs and alcohol. It all leads to a shocking tragedy when Meek shoots his landlady, and himself. His work lives on, and his influence is still felt in some of the most popular music of the last 50 years.