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Fans of heavy metal will often speak of a brotherhood between fans. This is a familiar concept in North America for just about any kind of fans. There’s a bonding experience that you share with fellow fans. However, this isn’t North America, and these fans don’t look at music as a hobby, but a way of life. In Botswana, heavy metal is a lifestyle, and at the heart of it are bands like Wrust. Considering the population, there are a growing number of metal bands in Botswana, and this documentary looks at the culture surrounding these bands, as well as watching Wrust prepare for┬átheir first live show in Europe.

Fans of heavy metal bring the saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ to life. This is especially apparent in March of the Gods: Botswana Metalheads. Clad in leather cowboy outfits while the searing sun beats down upon them, the members of Wrust and their fans could probably make you cross the street if you saw them. Speak to them for a few minutes, and you begin to see what amazing guys they actually are.

Many of them are raising families, and working hard to support them. They’re certainly not violent, and even credit heavy metal music for keeping them out of trouble. It’s a fairly common story for this form of music, but the differences appear in how the fans in Botswana take it to new levels. They don’t simply enjoy heavy metal, they live it each day, and it’s this reason that makes the documentary stand out.