The ultimate anthology film returns with ABCs of Death 2. This film features short films from 26 different directors, including a few Canadians, each one covering a different letter of the alphabet. From A is for Amateur to Z is for Zygote, there’s a little something for every taste.

ABCs of Death 2 is basically a horror fans dream come true. 26 different short films from some of the best directors in the genre, and nothing longer than a few minutes. The formula is perfect for an anthology film, as each segment zips by. This means when you find something that doesn’t interest you, there’s only a little bit of time before you’re given something new to watch. In the first instalment of the franchise, this was a welcome feature. Many of the short films there seemed like an extended bad joke. This time around, almost every segment is given a more serious approach, allowing viewers to witness some of the most intelligent, thoughtful, funny, and gory shorts available.

Everything about the series has been improved in the sequel. Production values have been stepped up, and over the top ridiculous moments are limited to just a few of the segments. ABCs of Death 2 delivers a much more balanced viewing experience, still making sure to give viewers some of the gory gags they may have loved about the first film, but also offering many more serious moments. Even the pacing seems better this time. The more insane segments happen to be spaced out a little bit more, which has to be a lucky coincidence since each director is assigned a letter that has to be followed alphabetically.

This alphabetical set up is actually half the fun, as you try to figure out what the short is titled while watching, since it’s not revealed before each segment. This leads to a few surprises as you think you’ve figured it out only to see it’s something completely different. The best example is A, which seems so obvious, but winds up being something else that actually adds a bit of a laugh to the first short.