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Just Eat It covers the familiar territory of North America’s massive food waste. Filmmakers Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer decide to live on discarded food for six months. To their shock (a mixed bag of horror and relief), not only do they have enough food to survive on, they often find themselves with more food than they can eat. From yogurt to hummus to eggs, Baldwin and Rustemeyer never go hungry. While it is a topic that has been tackled by daytime television for years, it is a topic that still needs exposure because we are still throwing away too much food.

Just Eat It is a perfectly succinct documentary. It’s to the point without being preachy. The filmmakers talk to farmers and other experts on the subject, who shed light on how and why so much waste happens – reasons which you will have been part of and will rethink the next time you are at the supermarket.

This is what is so great about Just Eat it; the filmmakers were part of the problem before the movie started, and over the course of the project, they became more conscious of their mistakes. Baldwin and Rustemeyer going on this journey in front of everyone really helps support and validate their argument.