Attiya Khan is a survivor of intimate partner violence and over the years, she has worked with several women who have experienced domestic violence. After hearing endless stories of abuse, pain, and hopelessness, she decided that she needed to do more to help the situation. A Better Man is a unique, raw, and emotional film by Khan in which she has a conversation with the man who abused her.

This film is unconventional in many ways. It involves her abuser taking responsibility for his actions, recalling the events of their relationship, and actively hoping to make a change in himself. Khan will speak to him about his version of events and how he remembers their relationship, the ways in which the violence affected his own life, and how he justifies what he did. A Better Man will be a courageous project for both him and Khan, as it will involve both of them putting themselves into a very vulnerable and honest situation.

Khan’s main purpose in this film is to create a space for change to happen. She believes that men like her abuser are capable of changing, and she wants to provide them with that opportunity. She aims to supplement the movement to end violence against women by putting a deeper focus on the abusive men, and ultimately prevent events like this from happening in the future.

The majority of funds raised through this crowdfunding effort will be put towards production costs, with the rest being divided among publicity and social media, insurance, perks, and Indiegogo fees. A more detailed breakdown is available on the Indiegogo page.

The creation of A Better Man will be a painful process for Khan, as she has to revisit these violent events in her life. However, she is willing to do so for the purpose of creating a space in which both survivors and perpetrators of abuse can change their lives. She hopes to connect survivors with one another to create a support system and explore broader solutions to the problem. Along with this personal impact, she also hopes to persuade policymakers and those who work in fields dealing with violence against women to widen their focus. She is aiming for systematic change and specific interventions.

So, if you would like to support this project, you can support it by spreading word through various social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. You can also visit the official website for updates and more information. If you would like to donate, you can do so through the Indiegogo page here. Donations are being accepted until December 19, 2014.