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Peter Volk (Aljoša Kovačič) is a young man who regularly parties with his best friend Andrew (Simon Pribac) and their girlfriends Lara (Katarina Jurkovic) and Sara (Gea Erjavec). Tired of the routine of their lives, the four decide to start their lives fresh on a lifetime holiday. However, when Peter finds that all his family’s money has been swindled away, a plan is put into motion to rob one of the biggest banks in Slovenia.

It is obvious right from the hard rocking opening credits that the satirical heist film Exit is aspiring to be a cool little genre picture. The film isn’t entirely successful in this regard, especially since the first half of the film is quite weak, with these four friends not being particularly likeable. This is especially true in regards to their very hedonistic viewpoint on life, with them regularly getting high on cocaine and going clubbing. Lead protagonist Peter narrates the story, which includes the need to describe every single new character, no matter how large their role.

Exit improves somewhat in the second half, as the heist gets underway and thing starts to blow out of proportion as the police and media arrive on the scene. This is where the film develops its satire, as a sociopolitical context makes this bank robbery much bigger than it was initially intended to be.