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Filmmakers Mélanie Carrier and Olivier Higgins begin a journey from Quebec to Natashquan on bike, following Route 138, to capture stories about the Indigenous people and communities along the way.  They attempt to understand why the people of Quebec seem to ignore the problems of First Nations people, even though over half of the people in Quebec have at least one ancestor who is Aboriginal.

While Quebekoisie perfectly shows the way in which many people in Quebec seem ignorant, and even racist at some points, to the Aboriginal people in the province, it also shows how this same thing can happen within the communities of First Nations people. They wonder why Quebecers can’t accept that many of them have an Aboriginal ancestor, but one story thread follows an Innu man who was shocked to find he had European relatives, and he even comments on how his cousin would be upset to hear this.

It’s fascinating to listen to, but also a bit confusing, as if nobody is really sure what they want. At the very least, the film should inspire conversation about its topic, which would really be the first step towards a more accepting and understanding environment. This can only benefit all the people of Quebec, on both sides of the issue.