A wealthy couple, who have struggled to have a child decide to adopt the unborn child of a poor teenage girl (Ahn Ji Hye). The couple stay with the girl and her mother (Kil Hae Yeon) so their family will be unaware that they are adopting, and the close contact begins to expose some problems for all involved.

Secret adoptions used to be quite common in Korea and director Albert Shin can recall hearing this kind of gossip from his childhood. The idea began to expand and In Her Place is the final result. The dramatic film maintains a very uncomfortable atmosphere, leaving viewers with a nagging suspicion that something very wrong is going on.

The film also takes a strong look at love, relationships, and family. The wealthy couple seems disconnected from each other, but they’re ready to adopt this child to begin their family. The young girl carrying their child is madly in love with the father of her child, but he’s being kept away from her. The arrangement has more to do with money than it does with love. As the film nears the end, the suspicion of something going wrong becomes more clear and threatens the arrangement between the couple and the young girl.