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This horror anthology takes place on the set of Dr. Nasty’s Cavalcade of Horror, a late night program featuring always drunk horror host Dr. Nasty (Brian Scott Carleton). His co-host Samantha (Jamie Elizabeth Sampson) is tired of working for Dr. Nasty and show director Shawn (Mike Donis). As they try to make it through an evening of features including Dinner for Monsters and Slit, Samantha slowly starts to lose her grip on her job, and reality.

Late Night Double Feature doesn’t hold back on the insanity, and creates three very different short films to please every fan of the horror crowd. By using the horror host concept, the film gives a taste of nostalgia for horror fans that grew up on these late night shows, and allows for the wraparound story to be much more successful than other anthology films. It’s the wraparound segment that is usually the weakest, but here it’s on equal footing with the other shorts.

The two features in the film, Dinner for Monsters and Slit, are drastically different. Dinner for Monsters is fun and bloody, as a chef is forced to prepare an unusual meal for a dinner party, while Slit is intense and serious, putting a spin on the typical woman as victim idea that horror loves so much. A few fake trailers and commercials complete the late night package.