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Oh (Jim Parsons) is a member the Boov, a cowardly race of aliens who pride themselves on running away from an unstoppable enemy. They have found Earth and plan on making it their new home, but they first have to move all of the humans to a newly created home in Australia. Tip (Rihanna) is a teenager who got left behind, and is now searching for her mother. When Oh accidentally reveals the location of the Boovs to their enemy, he goes on the run before he is arrested. Oh and Tip run into each other, and form an unlikely partnership to find Tip’s mother, while Oh learns about the human race.

Home manages to hit all the right notes for a great family film, and also takes huge steps in the portrayal of gender and race in film. Tip leads the charge as a strong willed female protagonist who also happens to be black. That’s a leap that Hollywood frequently won’t take, but it extends much further than the lead character. The world that Tip lives in is a better representation of our reality than we’re used to seeing. Men and women of all races fill the scenes, showing that Earth isn’t just a place occupied by white people.

Although this fact isn’t the driving force of the film, it’s a very obvious element that kids will absorb as they watch. Tip is also not the typical female character you may get. She doesn’t need to be rescued by the male hero. In fact, without Tip, Oh would be the one who couldn’t succeed.

Rihanna and Jim Parsons make for a lovable duo, and Oh can be seen as an extension of Parsons’ role on The Big Bang Theory, except even more out of touch, as Oh is an alien who has no concept of life on Earth. Throw in a sidekick with Pig the Cat and you’ve got all the elements needed to deliver plenty of fun for families. There are a lot of hilarious moments watching Oh try to understand the new world he’s a part of, and seeing the Boov interact with people proves to be just as entertaining.

While the film is successful, it doesn’t quite have the huge impact that you may have been expecting. It’s good, but falls just short of being great for adults. Kids will love every rainbow coloured moment of it though, and that’s the real target of the film.