Giuseppe Marinoni is an artist in the world of cycling. His frames are highly regarded, and have been used by some of the most successful cyclists in Canada, including gold medal winning cyclist, Jocelyn Lovell. An accomplished cyclist in his youth, Marinoni immigrated to Canada from Italy after taking part in cycling races in Quebec. He quickly became a champion, but when his career reached its natural end, he turned to creating bikes as a living. At the age of 75, Marinoni decides to try and break the world record for distance cycled in an hour while reluctantly allowing his training to be filmed.

Director, Tony Girardin must have had his hands full while filming Marinoni, because his subject is what one may call a happy grump. Marinoni is hard working and enthusiastic, but also finds filming to be a bit of a pointless adventure. He can’t understand how Girardin could film him building a bike frame or training for his record attempt over and over and make it an interesting subject. Girardin does just that though, and Marinoni is a fascinating mix of inspiration and perspiration.

At first, Marinoni isn’t exactly forthcoming with details on anything, but as Girardin spends more time with him, he begins to open up. Viewers are taken through Marinoni’s youth in Italy and Canada, meeting with the people he has influenced and worked with throughout his life, while we also watch as he prepares for his record attempt. It’s a punishing attempt, with even the top cyclists claiming that it can be a brutal exercise. During a race, cyclists aren’t required to push themselves to the limit the entire time, but to cycle the greatest distance in an hour, they must constantly go all out. At 75 years old, it seems like something that may be impossible for Marinoni.

He’s such a lovable curmudgeon though, and you really want Marinoni to succeed. His passion for cycling and bikes is inspiration enough, proving that any product created with love and dedication is a product worth more than someone could ever pay. Watching him train for his world record attempt is even more inspiring, showing not only his love for cycling, but how we can always strive to achieve something greater, regardless of our age. Marinoni has passion in everything he does, and it’s something that leaps from the screen and into your soul, giving viewers the kind of lust for life that Marinoni always seems to have.