Following the suicide of his father, seventeen year old Jakob Levin takes up a life of crime. He becomes addicted to drugs and is eventually sentenced to work on a transformative farm on Saltspring Island. During his time there, he goes on a self-realizing journey and discovers the benefits of working with the earth, nurturing things in order to allow growth, and the significance of redemption.

raw*, a coming-of-age drama, is the final project made by a group of film production students from the Vancouver Film School. The team is made up of a diverse set of individuals from various parts of the world, from various personal backgrounds, and from various business backgrounds. Each individual finds the story behind the film touching and personal in some way.

raw* will explore the notion of individuality within the context of hardships, familial grief, loss, and addiction. As it is a coming-of-age film, it will also delve into the ways that coping changes over time, and the ways that the individual psyche develops as the years go on. The transition from adolescence into adulthood is a difficult one in most cases; with the added burdens of grief and addiction, the process becomes even more intense. The team behind this film will explore what connects us all on an interpersonal level, and what ties together all of our relationships and our environments.

With this approach, they are hoping to strip down to the “rawness” of the human condition, and this is where the core concept behind the film emerges. Filming will ideally take place in various locations throughout British Columbia to preserve the authenticity and natural beauty of the landscape rather than relying on studio sets. Most of the funds raised through this crowdfunding effort will be allotted towards this moving through various locations, as well as other production costs.

At its heart, raw* will aim to show the truth that is constant within all people – that the human soul is one which is pure through childhood but is forced to adjust, often negatively, with society as one grows older. Our concepts of what is normal and what is moral changes as we become adults, as we continue to develop mentally. When one goes back to one’s roots and appreciates the small things which are often neglected, one can begin to accept life as it is.

So, if you would like to support this project, you can spread the word through various social media, including Facebook and Twitter. If you would like to donate, you can do so through the Indiegogo page here. Donations are being accepted until April 13, 2015.