In The Creation of Meaning, director Simone Rapisarda Casanova delves into the life of a middle-aged shepherd in Tuscany’s beautiful Apuan Alps. This man, named Pacifico Pieruccioni, takes the viewer through his everyday life and explains how his community has been impacted by various events, including the global economic crisis and World War II.

One of the best aspects of this viewing experience is the way that the beautiful landscapes are featured throughout the documentary without it ever seeming like a tourist gimmick. The backdrop plays an important role in the subject’s life and this fact comes through effectively on screen.

This is a documentary which, to an extent, merges real life and fictional narratives. The result is an aesthetically pleasing one which inspires deep thinking. As the viewer witnesses the ways in which German land speculation and other forms of corruption impact Pieruccioni’s livelihood, he or she also witnesses the ever-changing nature of life.