In order to fight the War on Terror, the United States began using unmanned drones to carry out precision strikes on terrorist targets. Praised for their ability to keep troops at home and to limit innocent casualties, the use of drones skyrocketed in the years since its introduction. The truth is that thousands of innocent people are caught in the explosions from drone missiles, and activist lawyers in Pakistan are trying to use courts to bring the nameless people behind these attacks to justice.

In what seems to be a very common occurrence now, Drone points out how drastically different reality is from what we’re shown in the media. While unmanned drones are championed as the best weapon in the War on Terror, assuring us that they result in less devastation for civilians compared to sending troops, the reality is very different and even more disturbing.

Instead of having to justify sending troops to an area, the U.S. is now able to simply deem a target a terrorist and send a drone to drop a missile. The focus here is on an area of Pakistan, a place that we are not at war with, but one where drone attacks are an almost daily occurrence. Practices like considering everybody with a suspected terrorist a target, or bombing a site twice when rescuers come, is common. This shocking film should be a warning to the world.