Amadiba. South African coast. Beautiful scenery with beautiful history. Within the area is a feud between two sides, one the likes that many have never seen. Two cousins head the feud, Nonhle, who is trying to preserve the area and the people who live there, and Madiba, whose mindset is fully monetary, offering support to a mining project that would build a highway across tribal ground. The Shore Break tells the story of Nonhle and Madiba, two cousins with two different views and wants, and two people who will inadvertently change the landscape of Amadiba.

The Shore Break is really a documentary showcasing the two sides of struggle: the struggle to preserve and the struggle to change. In Nonhle’s case, she wants to support the people and area and not have any changes to it. For Madiba, money is the motive. The surroundings offer some view into the magnitude of the fight, as the beautiful scenery and the culture of the people give you a sense of what Nonhle is fighting for.

It’s interesting to see this happening to cousins. The family feud offers a look at the psyche of two different people, and what drives them. The motive and the way Madiba tries to get the mining proposal and highway to be built is surprising. It is sad that though these things do help people, it will deeply affect the people already in the land. This documentary is something you will remember.