Three young men from Denmark, Abdi, Hassan, and Mohammed, decide to offer their lives to al-Shabaab. This Islamic extremist terrorist group carries out suicide bombings in Somalia as they attempt to bring Islamic rule to Somalia and the world. Within a few months, both Abdi and Hassan have carried out suicide attacks. Back in Denmark, Mohammed’s father is desperate to find his son before he suffers the same fate while viewers listen to stories from a friend of the trio who backed out of joining al-Shabaab at the last moment.

While Warriors from the North does look at suicide attacks in Somalia, it’s more the story of Mohammed’s father trying to find and rescue his son from al-Shabaab. Half the focus is placed here, while the rest of the film tells the story of Mohammed’s friend who had joined the group in Denmark but backed out before leaving for Somalia.

These two different views show us the reasons why someone may join a terrorist group, as well as the ways in which they manipulate somebody to join, while also showing viewers the effect on a family who has lost a child to these groups. After a horrible attack like a suicide bombing, it can be difficult to remember that these people were not always this way. They have family and friends who miss them, and simply want them to return home before they do something terrible.