As a child, filmmaker Sharon Shattuck and her family faced a unique challenge when her father came out as a transgender woman, changing her name to Trisha. This was confusing to Sharon and her sister, but also for their mother Marcia and Trisha. They spoke about divorce, but ultimately couldn’t bear to be apart from each other. As Sharon grew up, she accepted the changes in her father’s life, and now that she’s an adult about to get married, she’s finally asking her father all the questions she never could about their lives together.

From This Day Forward is a very specific look at the transgender lifestyle, as even Trisha will admit that her experience is different from what people may expect. Straddling the line between feminine and masculine, Trisha has never really embraced either side. Partly due to life with children, Trisha has moments where she identifies more as a man, although she spends the majority of her life living as a woman.

Since her daughter is the one creating this film, we get to see the challenges for both Trisha and her family from a very intimate perspective. Unfortunately, this also takes a little away from the process, as Shattuck is not always open to every facet of Trisha’s life. Ultimately, the film becomes more about Trisha’s life in regards to her family, and how she still struggles to this day regarding her own identity.