The United States currently have around 500,000 registered sex offenders, all of whom are forbidden to live within 1000 feet of places frequented by children. Florida Justice Transitions is a housing project for sex offenders in St. Petersburg, Florida, which was founded in 1996 by Nancy Morais, the mother of a registered sex offender. The community houses 120 sex offenders, who undergo regular counselling sessions and work together to try and reintegrate into a society that doesn’t even want them.

Being labeled a sex offender is probably the worst thing that can happen to a person, since it often makes them an outcast. However, as seen through interviews in Pervert Park, there is a wide spectrum of crimes, which will result in an individual being registered as a sex offender. While some have indeed committed the top-tier sex crimes, such as rape or pedophilia, others merely said the wrong thing online and got arrested as part of a police sting operation.

One of the goals of Pervert Park is to de-stigmatize sex offenders and show that they are human too. Many of these individuals are aware that they’ve done wrong, but in society’s eyes they have made a mistake that can never be forgiven. The number of registered sex offenders have greatly increased in the last five years and society needs to learn that sometimes they are victims too.