Ryan Green is the creator a video game called “That Dragon, Cancer”, it’s not your typical video game, it’s about life with Green and his 4 year son Joel, who has been battling brain cancer since he was a baby. Malika Zouahli-Worrall and David Osit create an intimate exploratory film about the Green family as they strive to create a household of normalcy and love for their son Joel and his siblings amidst a very grave struggle.

It goes without saying that childhood cancer is devastating and the bravery Ryan and his wife Amy demonstrate is nothing short of amazing. They discuss challenges families dealing with childhood cancer face, as well some of the complexities that have resulted from the creation of their video game.

The decision to make a game about Joel has also gotten an array of responses. Some online comments call the couple self-indulgent, however we also see Ryan demonstrating the game at a convention, with people walking away visibly moved and in tears.

Thank You for Playing is a bit of an uneasy watch. Those who’ve been through similar situations will be moved by the family’s honesty and attitudes. But like the Greens in their desire to document Joel at every opportunity, Zouahli-Worrall and Osit seem more concerned about recording all aspects of the family versus presenting that which is most important.