Radical Grace is about American nuns who have been championing women’s rights and social justice for decades despite intense backlash from priests and the Vatican.

So many documentaries are anti-religion exposés (with good reason to be), but Radical Grace shows the potential for religion to be a progressive and positive force when it’s used for good and not evil.

These women are a joy to watch, and they all have great life experiences and wisdom to share. Throughout the documentary, their struggles and triumphs become ours, which is a testament not only to the Sisters, but also to director Rebecca Parrish. Parrish captures the spirits of these women in a way that is both empowering and affectionate. Regardless of your personal views, it’s humbling to watch these women help and fight for marginalized communities.

With most of religion being male-driven, it’s refreshing to see so much fierce girl power emanating from these women. Radical Grace is a story that hasn’t been told before, and the Catholic church should thank these sisters for representing it proudly.