Marah, Mona, Betty, Noor, and Maysoon make up the Middle East’s first ever all-woman race car team. This charismatic and lively group of women attempts to join the ranks of their male counterparts while facing various struggles in relation to social obligations and pressures. Speed Sisters is a documentary which aims to cast aside stereotypes about Middle Eastern women and inspire the modern generation.

Regardless of the part of the world in which one lives, oppression is ever-present, particularly for women. This is a subject which has been addressed again and again, and rightfully so. This is why a film like Speed Sisters should always be welcome in any cultural climate.

While this film follows a specific group of individuals, its message is a universally applicable one. Aside from this, Mona, Betty, Noor, and Maysoon are all interesting in their own unique ways. Speed Sisters delves into their personal lives, familial obligations, and community politics. It also does a good job of portraying both social struggles and practical, everyday struggles in relation to the actual speed racing. Overall, this documentary offers up a dynamic picture.