After a near fatal stroke leaves her mother Ann paralyzed, daughter and filmmaker Karen Guthrie returns home to help care for her. Ann’s ex-husband Ian, who never really moved far away from Ann, returns to the home as well, bringing the family together again. Although they’ve never really spoken openly about their lives, Karen feels that now is the time and sets out to ask the questions she never could. The answers are quite surprising as they finally bring to light feelings that have been kept inside.

The Guthrie family seems rather typical as you begin watching The Closer We Get. Father Ian doesn’t really share his feelings too often, unless it’s to push one of his children to succeed. Ann was the one who always held things together, and Karen and her siblings normally kept their opinions to themselves. It’s only as they finally start to explore their feelings, spurred on by the stroke that Ann suffered, that we really start to see how different their lives are.

These moments are made all the more shocking because of how close the family seems. Ian returns home to help Ann, even though he doesn’t really have to, and the children take weekly shifts to offer aid. There was a reason that Ian left though, and it’s here where the secrets come out, leading to one final surprise that the family must now deal with.