Gwen (Katharine Isabelle) wakes up in a roadside cafe, unaware of how she got there and why she has a gun in her bag. She soon meets up with Ty (Tim Doiron), who keeps calling her Flamingo. Gwen isn’t sure how Ty knows her, or why he keeps calling her Flamingo, but he seems to be the only person willing to help when she’s attacked by Cyrus (Christopher Lloyd), a local criminal kingpin, and his men. Slowly, Gwen starts to remember that somebody killed her boyfriend Aster (Kyle Schmid), and she thinks that Cyrus must have had something to do with it.

88 plays a bit like Memento, as Gwen is a character who has lost her memory and is attempting to uncover the secrets that she has forgotten. Memory loss is where the similarities end though, and 88 manages to be an action packed good time. Most of this can be attributed to the absolutely outstanding performances of Katharine Isabelle and an incredibly creepy turn from Christopher Lloyd. Lloyd plays Cyrus to vicious perfection, and it’s the type of role that he’s not normally known for.

Isabelle has built another strong character in Gwen, ensuring that her ever growing list of credits includes even more fantastic female leads. In 88, Isabelle actually plays two characters, showing that she’s capable of a wide range of performances. Gwen is simply a woman caught up in something she can’t quite understand. Here, Isabelle is a bit more comical and vulnerable, trying to react to the insanity around her. On the flip side is Flamingo. Gwen’s alter-ego is an over the top, violent woman who cares little about herself, and even less about those around her. As the film bounces back and forth between these two characters, Isabelle is allowed to run wild with both of them, and the results are impressive.

If the film lacks anywhere, it’s in the story. It starts to become clear where things are going somewhere around the middle, and there won’t be many surprises for viewers. Thankfully, watching Isabelle and Lloyd shoot, snort, and swear their way through the film, as well as the hilarious Tim Doiron as Gwen/Flamingo’s sidekick Ty, makes all the problems disappear. With plenty of gunfights, action, and violence, along with the standout performances, 88 is an adrenaline fuelled ride fans shouldn’t miss out on.