Kristina Mileska’s third film to screen at Toronto Youth Shorts is entitled Asteroid.  It is a sci-fi fantasy, but at the same time deals with grieving and death. Mileska took a moment to discuss how she overcame production constraints and what it was like working with her young lead actress. The short screened on Saturday, August 8, 2015 at the Toronto Youth Shorts festival. Check their website for more information.

Describe your films in 10 words or less.

A girl and her dying grandfather go for one last adventure.

What inspired you to make this film?

I was inspired by my own relationship with my grandparents who have had a great influence on my love of storytelling. This film has been the most personal film I have made.

What was the best thing about production? Most frustrating?

The best thing about production was getting to work with such experienced, patient, and enthusiastic actors and after months of prep seeing it all come together. The most frustrating was creating a sci-fi on such a small budget, it really forced us to be creative, but we had to make a lot of compromises along the way.

What’s the one thing you want people to know about your film?

This film was an incredibly collaborative process. A lot of creative and talented people volunteered hours of their time to make it all come together.

How did you find and cast your talented young lead actress Cadence Schuster?

I had worked with Cadence on my previous film Florence and the Fish. I love working with her. She is incredibly talented and great fun on set so this role was basically written for her.

Your film is screening at the Toronto Youth Shorts Festival – what are you most looking forward to about the festival?

This is my third film to screen at Toronto Youth Shorts and it is always a wonderful experience to be surrounded by talented filmmakers and short film lovers. This year’s festival features a lot of work from my peers at York University so I’m especially looking forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces.