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Bacon & God’s Wrath is a look at a 90-year-old woman’s reckoning with her Jewish faith, leading her down the path to… bacon. It is screening as part of Short Cuts Programme 3.

Sol Friedman returns to TIFF for his third year in a row with his docu-short about Razie, chronicling her discovery of “the Google,” which leads to an overthrowing of her lifelong faith. In revealing interviews with Razie, Friedman explores the shackles and safety net religion can supply.

Employing a series of mixed media, including illustration, old film footage, animation and live interviews, Friedman weaves together a character profile of Razie that’s philosophical, insightful and humorous at the same time. We delve into Razie’s background, from her traditional family and upbringing, the religion that permeated every aspect of her life and those around her to her accidental discovery of Google while looking for a recipe.

Friedman strikes a nice balance between guiding the viewer through imagery and visual representations, and letting Razie’s words highlight her experiences. He finds the uniqueness in a woman who would otherwise be classified as ordinary.