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Beyond the Horizon (screening as part of Short Cuts Programme 4) chronicles the Parks Canada investigation into the HMS Erebus, which was shipwrecked during its Arctic exploration.

Ryan J. Noth takes us across the tundra of the Arctic with wide, sweeping shots of vast expanses of endless snow and narration explaining that we are now in parts that even the Inuit hesitate to venture into due to the isolation. He paints a picture via photography and words of what the crew of the HMS Erebus were up against during their Arctic exploration in 1848, before the ship was abandoned.

The frozen imagery and bleak tale transport the audience, tying into the theme of the programme and its mandate to transport viewers to otherworldly places. Noth’s narration not only describes the events that took place during the Franklin expedition but also specific challenges the crew of HMS Erebus faced, attempting to delve into their feelings and perceptions, as well as specifics of what they experienced.