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Tongue-in-cheek documentarian and left wing firebrand Michael Moore embarks on a journey across Europe (and a brief trip to Tunisia) where he plans to “invade” other countries in order to steal their best social and political ideas to implement back in America with hopes of fixing a laundry list of the country’s problems.

Somewhat scattershot, consistently amusing, and myopically idealistic in ways that only a Michael Moore film can be, Where to Invade Next has a title that’s a bit of an over-thought misnomer. It starts off being a story about how American taxes never go towards any sort of betterment of life, but that quickly gets forgotten around the halfway point.

But with some great, and most importantly, achievable ideas (fixing school lunches, tweaks to the prison system, free university education for all), Moore comes across as a true patriot: a man who wants to hold a country that he really believes is the best in the world to the highest possible ethical and moral standards. It’s a sloppy film on the whole — a mishmash of good intentions — but it’s great to see Moore working on something optimistic instead of pessimistic.