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Kokom is Kevin Papaties’s presentation of the history and resilience of his family’s aboriginal heritage. Using mixed media, we are taken on a journey of memory and preservation. Papatie pays loving homage to his grandmother, whose very way of life and distinctive elements of Anicinape heritage were threatened and nearly wiped out.

Papatie employs a creative collage of illustrations, photographs and other representations. Some elements of the history of the Anicinape people are presented via sound design and narration.

Kokom belongs perfectly in Short Cuts programme 5, which is meant to explore distinctiveness, acceptance and finding the strength to defy societal structures.

Kokom‘s visual mediums and five-minute running time give it a unique feel; it’s something that could work as part of an installation or as a standalone film. Some portions are more interpretive, but you never lose sight of its celebration of a distinctive culture.