Author and journalist Naomi Klein says that when it comes to the earth, we have repeated the same story for 400 years. For that time, we have treated nature as our machine to keep the world growing and moving. But with climate change endangering the future of our planet, how can we achieve growth along with productive change? Inspired by her 2014 non-fiction book, Klein investigates climate action in places such as Canada, Greece, India and China, exploring whether or not a new story is taking root.

This Changes Everything is a slim 90-minute companion piece to a hefty 500-page book. Despite the short length, director Avi Lewis depicts the struggles of communities battling harmful government projects in galvanizing ways. We see how toxic waste and other pollutants affect citizens of many countries. Further, the efforts by ordinary people to mobilize against big companies push an important message. The result is an engaging, hopeful look at this critical moment in history.

The scope of the documentary is impressive. Nevertheless, the film simplifies the journey of many agents of change. Occasionally, it seems that it only takes a climate march to make a difference in policy. Meanwhile, Klein’s condescending narration is hard to overcome, often making the film resemble a PSA.

Despite its flaws, This Changes Everything is an important film to see. Although limited by its running time, the doc makes many pertinent points worth talking about.