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It’s Halloween night and every ghoul, ghost and goblin is prowling the streets in the anthology horror film Tales of Halloween. With 10 short films from 11 directors, every type of creature you can think of appears here. From man-eating pumpkins to urban legends and even Satan himself, there’s something to please every horror fan.

There’s not enough room here to cover all the directors and shorts that make up Tales of Halloween, but it’s not that difficult to say that this is the best anthology film around since they’ve come back into fashion.

With 10 shorts, there’s really only one that doesn’t quite live up to expectations, and even then it’s not really that bad. Its real problem is that it’s surrounded by such an incredible string of stories. There’s a man-eating pumpkin on the loose; Satan and his little friend heading out for bloody tricks on Halloween night; spooky tales of candy-gobbling monsters that will eat you if you don’t share, and that’s just scratching the surface.

There’s so many shorts to enjoy and viewers will never be tired of watching. Most anthologies leave us waiting impatiently for the less successful stories to finish, but this one will have viewers wishing that each short was its own feature film.