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Catalina Y El Sol (Catalina and the Sun) is a short film from Argentina based on an old legend from the province of Jujuy, Argentina. The film centres around a young girl named Catalina who comes to understand that in order to see things clearly, you must close your eyes. According to her grandmother, in order for the sun to continue to shine, a story must be offered every day to the Sun God Tata Into.

Directed by Anna Paula Hönig, the short premiered at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival and will be having its North American Premiere at the 16th ImagineNative Film Festival.

This short is a thoughtful addition into the Next of Kin Programme at ImagineNATIVE. It is presented in a way that powerfully communicates much about the legend while at the same time is beautifully shot with the mountainous landscape of Argentina. The natural environment and the elements of the earth play a key role in the film and is also a main player in the legend.