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Bruce (Ry Barrett) is a man living on the edge of sanity. His wife Samantha (Tianna Nori) has been left in a wheelchair after being attacked by a vicious gang while working as a police officer, and it has led Bruce to strike out against the crime in his city. When night falls, Bruce dons protective riot gear and a tinted helmet so he can find and brutally beat members of a local gang. As he slowly loses his grip on sanity and the ability to restrain himself, a young woman named Marie (Jessica Vano) inadvertently finds herself as the focus of his madness.

Writer and director Gabriel Carrer brings a brutal vision of vengeance to the screen with The Demolisher. If you’re expecting a story of a man fighting back against crime, you’ll only be scratching the surface. Bruce may have simply been a man looking for revenge at one time, but by the time we begin watching him in the film, he’s well beyond the line between sanity and madness.

Ry Barrett is unbelievable in the almost silent role, standing among some of the best villains in genre film like Jason or Leatherface. The difference is that Bruce is really just a man with troubling problems. He doesn’t want to be the violent individual he’s becoming, but is powerless to stop the change.

The film looks fabulous and doesn’t hide its location, taking a shot of the Toronto skyline and focusing on it from the start, giving our city a disturbing makeover.