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Malison McCourt (Liv Collins) has just started working for a company that conducts euthanasia, something that has now become legal. Her first day on the job is rather unpleasant, and she takes up her concerns with the head of the company. He reassures her that everything will be fine and arranges for her to accompany Olivia (Sarah Power), a veteran worker, on her latest assignment. Heading to a remote mansion, Olivia and Malison must stay in the home for a few days to prepare for the assignment, but the client has some very strange requests. Malison soon realizes that the client was involved in some sort of death cult, and the former members are now haunting the home, attempting to stop Malison from performing the assisted suicide ritual.

Director Jesse Thomas Cook and writer Tony Burgess join forces again to bring The Hexecutioners to horror fans. Their previous collaboration, Septic Man, was a bit rough around the edges, but their latest offering is an atmospheric, tense and bloody treat.

Burgess’s work can be hit or miss as it can start to get into some very strange areas at times. With The Hexecutioners, his story keeps it rather simple and spooky, which works perfectly for audiences expecting a more traditional ghost story. There are enough odd twists and turns to keep things interesting though, so you’re never quite sure of what to expect.

Collins’s performance as Malison is cute and creepy, blending well with the more powerful and confident persona that Power creates with Olivia. To provide the uncomfortable moments, Wil Burd stars as Edgar, the helper who maintains the house of the person they’re sent to assist with his suicide.