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Edit/Undo is a short that centres on a beautiful online stranger who connects with an unsuspecting man named Bill over Facebook. He readily accepts after acknowledging how beautiful she is. She directs him to a dating site where they can see if they are compatible. While browsing the site, he finds his girlfriend has an active profile and becomes furious when he realizes that his girlfriend is looking for other men (…let’s assess that double standard). As a response he creates an “altered” dating profile of his own showing off his best assets and begins a ridiculous back and forth war with his girlfriend. Edit/Undo will screen as part of Programme 8 at this year’s Toronto International Shorts Film Festival.

Edit/Undo is a tacky, light-hearted and fun short that works as an interesting commentary on dating, relationships and social media. It seems that after Spike Jonze’s Her a number of filmmakers are trying their hand at making a film which looks at love in the digital era. The whole idea of the short is that both the boyfriend and the girlfriend wish they could “edit/undo” the decisions they made to see other people after they realize they should be together.

The finger motions of Edit/Undo tries to be cute but gets annoying after it’s done once. The overall tone and style of the short is based around the personality of those types of guys who try to be quirky and funny but just comes off as intolerable. A few moments in and you have hope that it may be worth your while. A few moments after that and you realize that it’s not and may just be a cheesy advertisement for Apple products.