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Angela (Sarah Smyth) is a counsellor at a Planned Parenthood clinic that winds up getting shut down by the state. She refuses to leave and her husband Mac (Andrew Moxham), a local police officer, supports her. Protesters led by Jeremiah (Shane Twerdun), a religious zealot, are constantly picketing outside of Angela’s home and nobody in their small town will help. Convinced that Angela is bringing death to their town through the sin of her work, Jeremiah and his two most loyal followers, Rebecca (Missy Cross) and Caleb (Andrew Dunbar), begin a series of increasingly violent actions that force Angela and Mac to fight for their lives.

The audience is going to be split, upset, and possibly offended after a viewing of Larry Kent’s She Who Must Burn. It features some unstable religious people, unstable pro-life supporters, and an incredibly uncomfortable scene of rape and abuse perpetrated by the leader of the unstable religious group. If that’s not enough, the film doesn’t exactly lead to a satisfying ending for anybody involved.

Kent directs from a script he co-wrote with star Twerdun, and every moment of the movie oozes sickening sleaze. Even the most hardened horror fan will find themselves shifting uncomfortably in their seat. The villains are despicable and the heroes are faced with insurmountable odds, as it seems as if there’s nobody in the town who can help them. This is the kind of film you would expect to see being crafted in the ’70s, and it’s hard to determine if anybody will actually be able to fully enjoy it.