Filmmaker Brent Foster has begun a personal project in which he profiles a series of people while they are in their element, doing what they do best. While I’m Here | The Legacy Project puts emphasis on the idea of creating one’s own legacy while one is still alive. It is a passion project that will showcase people living their legacies and impacting those around them.

The project consists of a series of videos which will launch one at a time over the course of the next 18 months. It also aims to give back to the subjects of these videos by launching a campaign for each. The first story is about the San Diego Highwayman. Foster and his team were able to raise over $12,000 to keep him on the road and also find a donor to help him restore his car.

The second video will follow 83-year-old Blues musician Leo “Bud” Welch as he aspires to keep the tradition of the Delta Blues alive in Mississippi and Arkansas. This project will also raise money to keep the history alive in rural schools and inspire children living in the birthplace of the blues genre.

Most recently, Foster and his team have profiled Ed Nicholson, a man who spent 30 years in the Navy and 10 years in the private industry. After being diagnosed with cancer and recovering in a medical centre with injured veterans from Iraq, he decided to use fly fishing to help veterans of war cope with their mental and physical injuries.

Foster began this project after missing out on the opportunity to tell the story of Frank Dymock who dedicated his life to helping others. Dymock was a man from his hometown who opened his garage to the public and sharpened skates free of charge. He passed away before Foster had a chance to tell his story, and that is what inspired the project. Now, he hopes to tell various stories of everyday people impacting the lives of those around them.

So, if you would like to find out more about While I’m Here | The Legacy Project, you can follow updates on various social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and the official website If you would like to donate, you can do so through the Indiegogo page here. Donations are being accepted until Friday, January 15, 2016.