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David (David Michael Moote) just found out from his wife Meg (Raven Cousens) that they’re about to have a baby. Filled with happiness, David enjoys a night out with his friend, but in the middle of the evening he gets a frantic call from Meg telling him that someone is trying to get into their house. As he races home, David finds the streets filled with rampaging people. It soon becomes apparent that the world is being overrun with zombies, leaving survivors with very few places to hide.

Expanding his short film, Dead Rush director┬áZachary Ramelan┬átakes viewers through a zombie outbreak by shooting the entire film from the point of view of David. It’s a move that largely pays off, although viewers who don’t enjoy shaky cam scenes may find it a bit challenging to watch.

Shooting this way lets us get up close with some of the great zombie effects on display, but it also holds back some of the action as well. Swinging axes don’t have the same impact as they normally would, obviously a complication from shooting in first person. It’s a small complaint though as Dead Rush fulfils all the requirements of a zombie film. It doesn’t stray to far from the formula that we’re familiar with, which is fine when the performances are well done and the zombies are even better. Horror fans will find plenty to enjoy here.