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The history of Rubik’s Cube is explored in the documentary 20 Moves, with the title referencing the smallest amount of moves it takes to complete the puzzle. Invented by Erno Rubik in Hungary and discovered by Tom Kremer, the Rubik’s Cube exploded to popularity in the early ’80s and has been around ever since. The story isn’t quite that simple though, and the film takes viewers from the initial surge in popularity to the quick decline that forced Kremer to approach sales of Rubik’s Cube in new ways.

While Rubik’s Cube certainly fits into the category of a fad, it has also managed to survive beyond that initial wave of popularity, continuing to sell to this day. Chances are we’ve all got at least one kicking around our houses. There’s probably a greater chance that it’s also never been solved. That is part of the enduring allure of the puzzle toy though, and it’s a major part of the story behind Rubik’s Cube.

Kremer essentially narrates his own story in 20 Moves, taking viewers from his youth during the holocaust to his discovery of Rubik’s Cube, a puzzle he initially used teaching. His story is one of skill, dedication and a large amount of luck, and it’s fascinating to listen to how this one little puzzle grew from an ignored idea into a piece of history.