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Weiner begins by tracing New York congressman, Anthony D. Weiner as an energetic and passionate fighter for overlooked areas and policies in Congress. Weiner had a strong and fearless persona and great reputation, getting elected for seven terms, as well as being married to Hilary Clinton’s political aide, Huma Abedin. In 2011, his reputation and trust were shattered when sexually explicit pictures of him were leaked through his twitter account. This caused a national uproar where he was told he’s better off resigning. He also became the butt of every late night talk show and fake news shows.

The film follows Weiner after his scandal in 2013 when he decides to run for mayor of New York. Many citizens sided with him and forgave him, but others wondered if he could be trusted again.

Only weeks before the mayoral election, more pictures are leaked and more women he was involved with come forward. The film is very respectful in capturing how this impacted his marriage with Abedin. She believed in her husband even though he betrayed her. When the second bout of leaks surface she begins to second guess her campaign role, her support for him and their marriage. His staffers also begin to lose faith and voters turn against him.

Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg deliver one of the most intriguing and honest political documentaries. This is a tough story to translate onto the screen but Kriegman and Steinberg facilitate this film with such confidence and objectivity.